Development Road Map meeting at the City Corporation

Development Road Map meeting at the City Corporation

Issues pertaining to FAR, KSPCB, UGD Cess, Registration, EKhata and Road map were duscussed in detail in the Developmental meeting that got held at the City Corporation. Contended with the issues raised the MLA and the Mayor agreed to place the issues pertaining to FAR, KSPCB, NIRMANA 2 and Circulation map in the council and pass resolution and send it to the State Government for consideration. The MLA & Mayor agreed to look into other matters such as PROPERTY VALUATION and UGD Cess in due course.

The meeting was chaired by the Hon.Mayor. MLA Mr.Vedavyasa Kamath, MUDA Chairman Mr.Mijar, DC Revenue, TPO. Su Registrar, CREDAI President Mr.Pushparaj Jain, Secretary Mr. Prashanth Sanil, Treasurer Mr.Guru M Rao, Mr.Siraj Ahamed, Mr Naveen Cardoza, Mr.D.B.Mehta, Mr.Laoknath Shetty, Mr.Jitendra Kottary, Mr.Kiran Shetty, Mr.Dharmaraj attended.

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